Sunday, May 29, 2011

Why hello thar!

So upon announcing on Facebook that i would begin blogging, i asked for suggestions on topics and got a few. After a bit of an explanation about me, i'll address those. If you already know me, or think you do, you can skip this part. Or not, since i may explain a few things you don't know.

First thing you should know is this, unless it is the first letter in a sentence i don't capitalize the letter i when referring to myself. This is because in my head, i don't feel as though i need to be capitalized. Other people? Why yes, yes they do. I do not.

Ok, me. You will notice that on occasion i mention being broken. I am. Physically and mentally. More physically than mentally. When i was 18, i had any semblance of a normal life taken away from me in an instant.

Yeah, that.  Someone fell asleep at the wheel and tried to end me. (And my daughter, since she was in utero at the time.)

So, broken i am, for 16 years now.  The reason i got that out of the way is because, being broken, i FORCE myself to find the funny in everything. Even the morbid.  If i offend you, well, then you are offended. Deal with it. Feel free to express it in the comments, but don't expect me to give what is commonly known as a flying fuck. Because i don't. I get stared at on a daily basis because i walk with a cane.  So just a heads up to everyone, when i care: i care deeply, when i feel strongly about something i will discuss and defend.

I was once told by someone that if my mind gets any more open, my brain will fall out.  I like that, i do try to keep an open mind about everything. You never know when something will come along and adjust your view of things.  So i keep my mind open to learning new things,  because when you stop learning your brain starts dying. 

I swear, i swear a lot. I enjoy swearing, fuckity fuck fuck fuck. They are words. People give power to words.  You see a lot of "Taking back <insert derogatory phrase here>" Whom are they taking it back from? Mirriam-Webster?  Gimme my redundancy you wretched dictionary! Keep my uvula since it makes me puke anyways. So i swear. I allow anyone aged 13+ around me to swear, because if kids learn when it is acceptable to swear when they are younger then we won't have that breaking in period in college when it's all drinking, fucking and saying "well, fuck shit damn! gimme another beer!"  (Hey, Patty! He's got beer!)

I suppose that's enough about me, let's talk about you. I will only use first names when hitting the topics that people suggested i talk about. Here we go:

Zach: You are attracted to the crazy.  Something in your psyche makes you think that you can help them learn to live life unpsychotically.  You've had the same pattern since high school, you date hot chicks who are batshit insane.  You'll find someone someday that is NOT your usual, then it will work.

Dan #1: 42, you know that.

Nicholas: You'll find it here: I'm not doing your homework for you.

David:  Chickens are kewl, because when playing MajorMud in the mid-90s and you are bored out of your freaking mind, you HAVE to say something to keep yourself and others entertained. And you know it did.  Geigudr started my chicken collection, i have about 50 now. They are taking over my house.

Dan #2: What disturbs me the most about society is the inability for people to think for themselves.  I think that people need to question everything, EVERYTHING. Even if they think they know everything there is to know about a subject, then they need to look a little closer. You can always find something new about whatever topic you may be researching, even accounting.

People need to do what's best for them and those close to them at the time. This is not to say that i think that people need to live for only themselves, you can get a sort of emotional satisfaction from helping other people out. If you need to live in a dirt hut, do it. If you need to have a glass of strawberry lemonade after dinner each night do it.  But if you have to hurt someone else to get those damn strawberries, don't do it.

Parents need to accept that their children may not turn out to be who they expect them to. I sure as hell didn't.  BUT <--that's a big but they need to accept their children for who they ARE.  If beliefs and opinions differ from what they were raised with, then it's going to be ok. Let it go. Let them be who they are.  And for fuck's sake just deal with any disappointment inside, don't make your kids feel bad for being REAL PEOPLE.  They may not be the people you want them to be, but they are still your kids, and they need your love and support no matter what some crazy priest, some other society people, or some of your other family members say.

Ok, i think i've run out of steam. I haven't hit any controversial topics yet, but believe me, i likely will. And again, if you are offended, go hang out in your corner until you cool off, then come comment and attempt to make me care. Oh, wait, that won't happen.