Monday, May 30, 2011

It's memorial day!

Ok, so it's Memorial day. One thing to say, Memorial means remember the dead, Veteran's Day means remember both the living and the dead. So today, remember the dead who have lost their lives fighting for us.

You can wait until September, for Veteran's day.  I don't. I ACTIVELY thank anyone in uniform for doing their jobs. Firefighters, Police Officers, anyone in a Military uniform. It's pretty funny to watch the local Firefighters see my kids come running up to them, say "Thank you for doing your jobs and keeping us safe!" then just run away.  Sometimes they can get a "Your welcome" response. But most are just shocked that people are willing to express their thanks.

Police Officers are the funniest, they always look REALLY confused.  Most of them are used to people walking up to them and telling them to go fuck themselves.  My kids don't even usually want the stickers that are offered.

Remember 09/11/01, remember all the 350+ who were in uniform who died. Remember all the people who died in the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, Korea, Vietnam, the middle east wars.  No matter what you feel about the wars, honor our dead. Honor those who were ended so that you may live.


Enough seriousness, have you ever wondered what it would be like to not see colors correctly? I wonder the opposite, i'm apparently color confused. Shades are confusing, which is why i tend to wear mostly black.  I can pass the driving thing that we have to look into, so that's not a problem, but picking out clothes is much easier when it's all black. It's fucking funny. When wearing clothes, part black, part something else, cause black goes with everything.

I have a field trip to go on with my youngest housemonkey at the end of the week, so i'm going to import some of my notes, and blogs over from other places to cover Wednesday thru Friday.  I will be trying to take everyone's advice and write everyday, but since i'll be attempting to teach haiku's to 5th graders, you'll hear back from me on Saturday at some point.

Oh, and for Lecia and Michael:  fuckity fuck fuck fuck.

I suppose i should end this with a picture of some gravesite, or some other sad picture. But i won't, imagine a lolcat instead.

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